Community Cat Craze - Spay Neuter Network

Free Feral Cat Spay / Neuter Program

For Dallas cats in 10 ZIP codes.

City of Dallas Residents living in any of these ZIP codes: 75211, 75212, 75217, 75216, 75208, 75224, 75228, 75227, 75220, 75243, may have feral and community cats spayed or neutered at no cost to them. Microchip, Rabies vaccination and *ear tip are included with surgery. The program requires that the cat is feral or un-owned. Friendly neighborhood cats may be brought in a hard sided cat carrier. Feral cats must be brought in a humane trap.

Drop off time:  8:00 – 8:30

No appointments are taken. If the clinic is at capacity, cats may be held until the next day. Please note that if you bring a cat in that is found to already be spayed or neutered, the grant will not pick up cost associated with the services rendered. You will be responsible for all services performed.

Feral Cats outside these ZIP codes may be fixed for just $30. For more info on this and other programs, visit our Feral Cat page.

*Ear tipping is where the tip of the left ear is clipped while under anesthesia. This is painless to the cat and is very important once you release it back into the colony. If the cat is trapped again, the trapper will release it after seeing the tipped ear.

**Please bring friendly community cats in a hard sided cat carrier and feral cats in a humane trap**