North Texas Giving Day is the Biggest Giving Day of the Year!

Support Spay Neuter Network on Thursday, September 22 (Giving Day) or schedule your gift starting September 1st!

Now, more than ever is a chance to create a healthier and safer future for every pet and every family, regardless of wealth or income.

Your support will help provide spaying, neutering, vaccines, and basic veterinary care to more than 60,000 dogs and cats this year in communities across 15 Texas counties where elderly pet owners, working families, rescues, and shelters have few resources to get veterinary care.

YOUR GIFTS WILL GO FURTHER! A portion of all donations will be matched by the Communities Foundation of Texas!

Helping your gift go the extra mile so we can serve more pets and communities!

Fixed. For Good.

Empower every family to care responsibly for the pets they love. 

Empower every community to humanely prevent homeless dogs and cats.


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Your support strengthens the ability of individuals and neighborhoods to take responsible action through programs such as:

    • Free and low-cost spaying and neutering. You’ll help our clinics spay, neuter, vaccinate and/or microchip more than 60,000 dogs and cats this year.
    • Making at-risk neighborhoods safer. You’ll help educate families about spaying, neutering and keeping pets off streets.
    • Educating future pet owners. You’ll help teach pet safety and pet care to over 5,000 K-5 public school children in communities where there are many strays.
    • Aid to desperate pet owners. You’ll support a new program for families who call the City of Dallas to surrender a pet. This program helps keep unwanted pets out of the Dallas shelter by helping families find alternatives, including foster homes and rescues.
    • Critical support for veterinary deserts. Your gift will bring our transport vans and 40-foot mobile animal hospital to 15 Texas counties and make care available in communities where basic veterinary care is remote or nonexistent.