Feral Cat $30 Fix, Vaccination & Ear Tip. - Spay Neuter Network

The program requires that the cat is feral, trapped in a humane trap, and then brought to one of our walk-in clinics. Friendly neighborhood cats, barn cats, or your owned cats do not qualify. No appointments are taken. 10 cats a day accepted first-come-first-serve.

If clinics are at capacity, cats may be held until the next day. Please note that if you bring a cat that is found to already be spayed or neutered, the grant will not pick up the cost associated with the services rendered.  You will be responsible for all services performed. This program is paid for through our SPAY IT FORWARD donation fund.  Please remember that if it will not continue to be available without donations.

Please consider giving at the time that services are provided.  Each cat costs SNN $85


Before you arrive, please complete a Surgery Authorization Form


Dallas Clinic: 2223 S Buckner Blvd #203, Dallas, TX 75227 For feral cats, Our Dallas clinic has a maximum capacity of 5 spay-neuter surgeries per day

Tuesday through Thursday at 8 am

Crandall Clinic: 102 E Trunk St, Crandall, TX 75114

Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am


Fort Worth Clinic: 3117 E Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, 76119 **Our Fort Worth Clinic is open on November 23 and December 7, 14** **No feral cats accepted now through December**

Monday through Thursday at 7:30 am



  See my ear tip? THIS means I am fixed. I am not feral, just free-roaming. I have a good life...someone who feeds me, loves, and cares for me. Spread the word We can live outside, still be happy and healthy thanks to having a caretaker. We need your voice to send our message that we are quite content to live this way. The main thing is...WE GET TO LIVE.