April is Heartworm awareness month! Visit any Spay Neuter Network clinic to purchase a 1 year or 6 months of Heartworm prevention. Protecting your dog from heartworms doesn't have to break the bank. We have several affordable options.

Heartworm Prevention6 months12 months
- 1-25 lbs$35$55
- 26-50 lbs$40$65
- 51-100 lbs$50$85

Heartworm Tests are $20

Available only during clinic wellness hours. Click the links below for clinic hours.

Clinic Locations:
Crandall: 102 E Trunk Street, Crandall TX 75114
Dallas: 2223 S Buckner Blvd, suite 203, Dallas, TX 75227
Fort Worth: 3117 E Seminary Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76119
San Antonio: 210 Tuleta Dr #3, San Antonio, TX 78212

Heartworms are contracted through mosquito bites. The best way to reduce the risk of infection is to administer a safe heartworm preventive that kills immature worms before they cause damage. Treatment for heartworms is risky and expensive so it is important to use year-round preventative medication since heartworm disease is preventable. Puppies should begin on heartworm preventative by 8 weeks of age. Any dog older than 7 months should be tested prior to beginning heartworm preventative. Testing is required annually even if your dog has been on preventative.