Our Transportation Service

Transport shuttle appointments for spay/neuter surgery

Spay Neuter Network’s Pet Transport service picks up pets at locations across North Texas and San Antonio. Then, shuttles them to the nearest clinic for spay or neuter surgery. Locations are generally at businesses or government properties with large parking areas where pet owners will meet and check their pets onto the shuttle. See All Locations Here Pets are returned the same day after recovery to the same location. Individual vaccinations, heartworm testing, feline leukemia testing, and other services can be scheduled with your surgery or when you arrive for your appointment. Service can be scheduled online or by calling 972.472.3500. When making an appointment online, transport pickup locations are marked with “Transport”. Please note the address and city because we cover a large area. There is a transport fee of $5 per pet.

If you have a cat, bring him/her in a secure hard carrier. Cats brought in a soft carrier will be given a cardboard carrier for an additional cost. If you have a dog, be sure he/she is on a secure leash that he/she cannot slip out of. All pets should be left in the car until your paperwork is complete.

If you drive a pick-up truck, please note that we are not allowed to release a pet that is not put inside the cab or into a secured crate in the back. This is for your pet’s safety and the safety of other drivers as your pet is very likely to be disoriented after surgery.

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