Transporting - Spay Neuter Network

Our Transportation Service

Transport shuttle appointments are for surgery only.

Individual vaccinations, heart-worm testing, feline leukemia testing, and other services can be scheduled with surgery. You can purchase when you arrive for your appointment.

There is a transport fee of $5 for one animal and $3 for each additional animal on your appointment.

If you have a cat, bring him/her in a secure hard carrier. If you have a dog, be sure he is on a secure leash that he cannot slip out of. All pets should be left in the car until your paperwork is complete. If you drive a pick-up truck, please note that we are not allowed to release a pet that is not put inside the cab or into a secured crate in the back. This is for your pet’s safety and the safety of other drivers as your pet is very likely to be disoriented after surgery.

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