Spay Neuter Network is nationally recognized for its high-quality, high-volume (HQHV) spay/neuter expertise. This means we are always in search of high-quality veterinarians and our mission depends on the next generation.

To make sure we can serve our mission into the future, we are developing a CE approved mentorship program under the guidance of Jennifer Lavender, DVM who has more than 20 years of experience. Many of those years have been dedicated to HQHV spay/neuter across Texas, New Mexico, Native Reservations and the world including Saipan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Bahamas. As a board member, successful practice owner and HQHV veterinarian, Dr. Lavender will share her wisdom to help veterinarians interested in HQHV spay/neuter increase their knowledge, speed and quality in the practice. Click here to learn more about Dr Lavender.

Program Participants will:

  • - perform evaluations on patients prior to surgery
  • - provide wellness during hours offered by SNN
  • - complete a maximum of 15 surgeries per training
  • - work toward a minimum of 25 surgeries
  • - work with mentor on customer and complication communication skills

This program is RACE CE approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards

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Kerry Kores, DVM
I have had the wonderful experience of performing spays and neuters with Dr. Lavender at SNN. I found this opportunity invaluable for my associate veterinarian and look forward to seeing him and my other associates grow from the experience as they continue to participate in the program. I am a seasoned veterinarian, with previous high volume spay neuter experience, and learned new techniques while observing Dr. Lavender's exceptional hands-on teaching of an associate DVM. As a medical director, I would highly recommend this program to DVMs of all levels as the experience will add to their skills and provide a level of service that you will not find in general practice or emergency practice. Not only will you be able to increase the speed of spays and neuters, but your associate's confidence in soft tissue surgical skills will increase as well. We all know the importance of spaying and neutering and it is wonderful to know and witness firsthand that this program provides passionate, expert, and exceptional veterinary care. I feel that all veterinarians should have the opportunity to participate in this amazing educational experience.

Kateryna Kryvonos, DVM
The course was a 3 day and I got to do a large volume of surgeries on dogs and cats. Dr. Lavender is a great resource and an amazing teacher. She is very knowledgeable and willing to share her extensive experience. I truly appreciate her and her work. Thank you!

Kelly Stickney, DVM
I attended a spay neuter clinic in March 2024 with Dr. Lavender. She was a patient, helpful mentor who offered up a variety of techniques and methods that I was not familiar with previously. Having been a veterinarian for 10+ years, I had gotten very comfortable and repetitive (as we all do) in the way I perform spays and neuters for dogs and cats. Dr. Lavender offered guidance and advice in a way that made me feel no pressure but very confident to try out that day. I left feeling excited for the next clinic and ready to transfer some of my newly learned skills to my patients back home. I think this opportunity is great for new and seasoned veterinarians alike to hone their spay and neuter surgical skills.

Athena Eberle, DVM
Every opportunity to work alongside Dr. Lavender is truly a pleasure. She is always willing to provide assistance and insight on any surgery, and goes above and beyond for every patient and client she works with. Dr. Lavender provides a calming presence during surgery and has so much knowledge to teach the new generation of veterinarians. She has taught me invaluable skills that have improved my surgical technique and helped me become a more efficient surgeon. I am very proud to work with her and learn from her every chance I get.

Elsa Kohlbus, Chief Program Officer of Animal Balance
I've had the honor of teaming up with Dr. Lavender on various fronts in roles as technician and Director, including both international and domestic spay/neuter MASH clinics. Her unwavering dedication, boundless expertise, and genuine compassion for every patient have left an indelible mark on me. I enthusiastically back her latest endeavor: a veterinary mentorship program tailored for surgeons seeking to improve their high-volume spay/neuter skills. With Dr. Lavender's guidance, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact she has on both animals' lives and the veterinary community at large. This mentorship opportunity is not just a chance to refine surgical techniques, but to foster a deeper connection to our shared mission of improving the lives of animals around the world.