Spay Neuter Network is nationally recognized for its high-quality, high-volume (HQHV) spay/neuter expertise. This means we are always in search of high-quality veterinarians and our mission depends on the next generation.

To make sure we can serve our mission into the future, we are developing a mentorship program under the guidance of Jennifer Lavender, DVM who has more than 20 years of experience. Many of those years have been dedicated to HQHV spay/neuter across Texas, New Mexico, Native Reservations and the world including Saipan, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Bahamas. As a board member, successful practice owner and HQHV veterinarian, Dr. Lavender will share her wisdom to help veterinarians interested in HQHV spay/neuter increase their knowledge, speed and quality in the practice. Click here to learn more about Dr Lavender.

Program Participants will:

  • - perform evaluations on patients prior to surgery
  • - provide wellness during hours offered by SNN
  • - complete a maximum of 15 surgeries per training
  • - work toward a minimum of 25 surgeries
  • - work with mentor on customer and complication communication skills

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