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SNN utilizes a team of contracted high volume veterinary surgeons that rotate through our schedule in accordance with their work at their own practice or other facilities. Each of our surgeons is licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and has years of experience in spay/neuter procedures. We prioritize the health and comfort of our clinic patients, so we only hire the best of the best!


SNN has a team of highly trained, high volume veterinary technicians assisting our veterinarians in everything that they do! Our technicians help to prepare your pet for surgery, care for them after surgery, and administer vaccinations and microchips.

Our Customer Service Team

In order to effectively respond to the hundreds of calls and emails our customer care team receives daily, SNN utilizes a call center to help us make appointments and an in-house customer service team to answer questions and address customer concerns.


If you live in one of the areas where we target our efforts, you may see one of our Community Outreach Coordinators on your street, at an event, in your church, or at a local business. This four-person team works diligently to educate members of our community about responsible pet ownership and our free and low-cost services.


Jordan Craig
Executive Director

Tamin Erario
Director of Clinic Operations

Jacob Carty
Director of Marketing and Communications

Monica Rodriguez
Director of Finance

Dr. Alana Canupp
Medical Director


Ursula Evering

The mission of SNN resonates with me. I had often spent time volunteering at local shelters, and never really felt like I affected more than the few animals for which I cared. Joining the Board allows me to affect large-scale change by helping reduce pet overpopulation and empowering communities to responsibly care for their pets. Time is that one commodity we never get back. I want to use my time to create the largest bang for my investment of time. Spay Neuter Network affords me that luxury while participating with an amazing group of leaders.

Mark Rogers

I volunteer because it is the right thing to do. SNN is an incredible organization and provides invaluable services to a countless number of communities. Our mission to reduce pet over population and empower communities to care responsibly for dogs and cats is the driving force to be successful each and every day. I’m so thankful to be part of such a great organization and being able to work with incredibly talented team members!

David Deresz, DVM

As a veterinary professional, I see the need for high quality spay and neuter procedures, vaccines, and parasite preventions to be available for those who struggle to keep up with rising medical costs. Increased innovation and standards have drastically advanced veterinary medicine over the last 10-20 years, but it comes at a higher price. Spay Neuter Network is able to fill this gap and provide access to care for those who have been left behind. Their outreach and involvement into communities is vital to the education of the people who live there and the protection of the human animal bond.

Bonnie Hill

I love SNN – the mission, the clients we serve, and especially the people who make it all happen. My love for our work and impassioned pursuit of greatness for SNN has never wavered. Rather, it has grown as we have pushed the envelope on what is possible. We’ve advanced from a small spay/neuter provider servicing one rural county to the creators of incredible national award-winning work. We’ve grown, from a grassroots organization to a leading national nonprofit helping to change the vision of how animals live across the U.S.

Trina Roffino

I have great passion for the mission of the Spay Neuter Network. Our work can end the problem of pet overpopulation in North Texas. By offering free or low-cost sterilizations we keep both the pets and communities healthy. It means the world to me to be able to help the animals and families that need us the most.

Lisa Ramos

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Annette Copeland, Esq.

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Natalie Race

I am a passionate pet owner who believes all animals should be treated with humanity. I was excited to be asked to be a part of the SNN Board as I truly believe in the mission to not just eliminate pet overpopulation but to also educate pet owners give them the tools and knowledge for long term success.

Ben Lee

I volunteer because it's important to help build and run an efficient organizations that focuses on animal welfare. Spay neuter network has a great mission and I am excited to help contribute and partner with this organization.

Zach Pace, CPA

As a lifelong dog owner and lover, I wanted to help the pet community and ensure all of our animal companions have a safe and happy life without overpopulation.

Todd McElfresh

I volunteer to give back to my community as well as make a difference in other people lives. Through SNN I can help others with the joys and benefits of having a companion animal.

Karen Young

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Interested in joining the SNN team? Check out our careers page!

SNN is effective thanks not only to our staff but also because of our volunteers! We are always in need of volunteers to help us with community outreach, events, educational efforts, administrative work, and clinic help. If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Spay Squad, click here now!