At Spay Neuter Network, we strive to hire individuals that are passionate about helping animals and people. We value our team members and appreciate the hard work and dedication each person devotes to our cause.

Our Staff

SNN utilizes a team of contracted high volume veterinary surgeons that rotate through our schedule in accordance with their work at their own practice or other facility. Each of our surgeons are licensed to practice veterinary medicine in Texas and have years of experience in spay/neuter procedures. We prioritize the health and comfort of our clinic patients, so we only hire the best of the best!

Our Clinic Teams
SNN has a team of highly trained, high volume veterinary technicians assisting our veterinarians in everything that they do! Our technicians help to prepare your pet for surgery, care for them after surgery, and administer vaccinations and microchips.

Our Customer Service Team
In order to effectively respond to the hundreds of calls and emails our customer care team receives daily, SNN utilizes a call center to help us make appointments and an in-house customer service team to answer questions and address customer concerns.

Our Community Outreach Team
If you live in one of the areas where we target our efforts, you may see one of our Community Outreach Coordinators on your street, at an event, in your church, or at a local business. This four-person team works diligently to educate members of our community about responsible pet ownership and our free and low-cost services.

Our Management Team
Bonnie Hill, Interim Executive Director & Founder
Jacob Carty, Director of Marketing and Communications (Media Contact)
Whitney Hanson, Director of Fund Development (Donation & Grant Contact)
Jay Acosta, Community Outreach Director
Jennifer Chavez, Director of Clinic Operations
Susan Whiteley, Director of Technology & Finance

Our Board of Directors
Carol Shiels, President
Mark Rogers, Treasurer
Bonnie Hill, Founder
Annette Copeland, Esq.
Jennifer Lavendar, DVM
Josephine Durkin
Bill Karraker, CPA
Ursula Evering
Beth Mayfield
Valerie Bradley

Get Involved
Interested in joining the SNN team? Check out our careers page!

SNN is effective thanks not only to our staff, but also because of our volunteers! We are always in need of volunteers to help us with community outreach, events, educational efforts, administrative work, and clinic help. If you’re interested in becoming a member of our Spay Squad, click here now!