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You made all this possible. We hope you’ll take a moment to view our annual report and see what you helped us achieve. Thank You!

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Letter from Our Executive Director

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the team at Spay Neuter Network, I am pleased to share with you our 2021 Annual Impact Report.

For the organization, 2021 was a year of transition. When our founder Bonnie Hill stepped down, she left big shoes to fill. She had built this nonprofit from a mobile clinic operating two days a week and serving about 2,000 pets in Kaufman County, Texas, to an organization with three brick and mortar clinics, a surgical transport program, several mobile clinics, and a lifesaving Pet Support and Resource Center, all of which helped SNN serve more than 46,000 dogs and cats in North Texas in 2021.

Bonnie’s enthusiasm for this work is what got me excited about joining the SNN team. After 12 years of working in the field of animal sheltering in Austin and Dallas, I decided to get involved on the mission side of this work. I wanted to help make a greater impact on keeping the human and animal bond intact by bringing essential services to communities in need and reducing the stress on our local shelters, letting them be the safety net for pets most at risk.

When I arrived, I discovered an amazing board of directors highly committed to the mission, a caring staff whose hearts beat loudly for the well-being of pets, and an enthusiastic donor community who supports our services and programs to make North Texas a better place for people and their pets.

Of course, on my first day on the job I came face to face with the new challenge suddenly affecting everyone in the animal welfare field: staffing. While staffing was still being impacted by COVID in 2021, we, like every other veterinary clinic and shelter across the country, were suddenly facing a serious vet shortage. For the first time in the organization’s history,
we couldn’t find a veterinarian to work full-time at a few of our clinics, and supply shortages and price increases only compounded our challenges to continue our work and bring services to support our communities.

Still ongoing (and it may be ongoing until vet schools open up their programs to more students), our team’s creativity and quick thinking helped us meet this moment. They turned a vet shortage into an opportunity to find vets in North Texas who care about our mission as deeply as we do and who were willing to work for us a few days a month in addition to their own careers so that we could be more flexible with scheduling and still keep pace with the growing demand for services.

Despite these challenges, we knew we could always count on your generosity and support. You’ve enabled us to provide continuous care for pets and their families in North Texas through the ups and downs of the last few years.

Even as we reflect on 2021, we’re already looking ahead to 2022. Our new strategic plan calls for SNN to become the primary resource for bringing access to affordable veterinary care to every dog and cat throughout Texas by 2030. It’s the next step in saving pets’ lives, and one that I am excited for us to embark on.

Thank you for all your support in helping to create communities free of homeless pets.


Jordan Craig
Executive Director
December 31, 2021