The program requires that the cat is feral, trapped in a humane trap and then brought our clinic. Friendly neighborhood cats, barn cats or owned cats do not qualify. No appointments are taken. If the clinic is at capacity, cats may be held until the next day. Please note that if you bring a cat in that is found to already be spayed or neutered, the grant will not pick up cost associated with the services rendered.  You will be responsible for all services performed. This project is in collaboration with Dallas Animal Services.

Monday through Friday at our Dallas clinic (2223 S Buckner Blvd #203, Dallas, TX 75227).

City of Dallas residents only. Check in is 8:00 am to 8:30 am.


Spay Neuter Network (SNN) is pleased to provide this free program through December 2018. The program offers free spay/neuter, rabies vaccine and ear tip to feral cats in Dallas.

Residents in neighborhoods with feral cats are asked to trap cats in humane cage traps and bring them in to SNN’s Dallas clinic. After the cats have recovered from the procedure, the residents who brought them in will release them back into the neighborhoods where they were originally found. Thanks to their painless ear tip procedure, they will be easy to identify as altered.

“This grant project targets free-roaming community cats at serious risk if they enter shelters,” said Jacob Carty, SNN spokesperson. “Rather than putting these cats at risk of euthanasia and crowding the shelter, this program will utilize a proven solution, called trap/neuter/return or TNR, to save the cats’ lives.”

By releasing the cats back into their original neighborhoods, TNR prevents what is known as the “vacuum effect” – because cats are territorial animals, when a cat is removed several cats will move in to compete for its territory resulting in an increase in unaltered cats in the area. By altering and vaccinating the original cat, TNR helps to prevent the vacuum effect, cat overpopulation, and the spread of disease.