Roberto the ChihuahuaSpay Neuter Network is committed to ending unnecessary euthanasia in our lifetime, but we need your help.

There are hundreds of thousands of pets in North Texas that need our services but whose owners cannot afford the cost. Members of our Lifesaving Network ensure that these animals receive our critical services in spite of their owners’ financial hardship because like us, they believe that all animals deserve a happy, healthy life.

By joining our Lifesaving Network and making a monthly donation to Spay Neuter Network, you will provide services directly to the animals in our community who need them most. Every dollar changes the life of a dog or cat in North Texas and brings us one step closer to ending pet overpopulation.

Sign up to be a monthly donor now by checking the box labeled “show my support by making this a recurring donation” and we’ll share the stories of the pets you’ve helped each month with your tax-receipt!