The programs listed below are available for those that can not afford our already low prices. Please remember that this funding comes from donors. It is limited and will not always be available. If you can afford to pay for the services performed on your pet, even if you fall under one the Programs listed below, please do so. This allows funding to be available for those that truly need it.

These grants do not pay for surgeries on shelter, rescue, or breeder’s animals. Special discounts are available for shelter and rescue groups.

S.A.V.E. Dallas program. FREE fix for dogs and cats. Pet owner must live in the city of Dallas. Cost does not include Rabies shot or other extras. The funding for this program is open to private residents only, not shelters.

Community Cats. April Only: FREE fix, rabies shot and ear tip for feral, stray and free-roaming cats. Available to all areas we serve. Feral cats must be brought in a humane live trap to be accepted without an appointment. All other cats must be brought in a hard carrier and have an appointment. One cat per trap/carrier please. Feral cats are accepted without appointment between 7:30am and 8:00am at the Crandall clinic and between 8:30am and 9am at the Dallas clinic. They are accepted at the listed pick-up times on the location page by date for mobile clinics and transports. Space is limited for cats brought in with no appointment.

Fixin’ Feral Felines: $20 includes surgery, rabies vaccination & ear tip.
This program is paid for through our PAY IT FORWARD donation fund.  Please remember that if it will not continue to be available without donations.  Please consider giving at the time that services are provided.  Each cat costs SNN $85The program requires that the cat is feral, trapped in a humane trap and then brought to the clinic. Friendly neighborhood cats, barn cats or your owned cats do not qualify. Feral cats are accepted Monday through Thursday between 7:30 AM -8 AM. No appointments are taken.  Please note that if you bring a cat in that is found to already be spayed or neutered, the grant will not pick up cost associated with the services rendered.  You will be responsible for all services performed.

Fort Worth Taken’ It to the Streets: FREE spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and microchip services for dogs and cats of Fort Worth residents. The purpose of the Taken’ It to the Streets campaign is to achieve a reduction in the accidental pet births through an aggressive sterilization program to lower shelter intake and euthanasia rates in the City of Fort Worth, reduce the number of owner surrender animals through a strong educational program and make our city a safer and more humane community for pets and people. All others residents will receive our regular low prices. Please call us at 817-423-5500 for more information on dates and services.