Eliminating the needless death and suffering of all companion animals

Spay Neuter Network is a volunteer 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation formed in Nov 2003 to eliminate the needless death and suffering of companion animals in Kaufman County, Dallas and the surrounding areas of Texas. Currently hundreds of thousands of animals are killed each year in Texas shelters. Many are shot by land owners trying to protect their livestock from abandoned dogs. Hundreds more are dumped and killed along our highways.

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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We have performed 82,021 spay or neuter surgeries

Our Purpose

At the Spay Neuter Network, our purpose is to build relationships and educate the citizens of Kaufman County, Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas on how to become a truly "humane society."

Special Programs

We offer numerous programs to help the community and it's pets.

Clinic & Wellness Services

We can help with spay and neuter surgeries as well as vaccinations and wellness clinic services which include laboratory test and preventative treatments.

You Can Help

A large portion of our assistance with operating costs come from our friends and community. If you're interested in helping either by donating money and/or supplies or by volunteering your time, it would be greatly appreciated.