Your support helped these puppies stay in their home avoiding the shelter.

The Pet Support & Resource Center is an award-winning partnership program that addresses feral cat issues, provides resources to keep pets in their homes, helps pet owners rehome their pets, or routes pets directly to rescue groups for quicker adoptions.

Adriana kept receiving fines because her dogs were not fixed, but she couldn’t afford to pay for the surgeries. She was devastated that she had to surrender her dogs. She scheduled an appointment to surrender her 5 dogs (Melissa, Sandy, Snowy, Zoe, Max). While speaking with Spay Neuter Network’s Pet Support and Resource Center to confirm details, she learned that she lives in one of the 23 Save Dallas zip codes – meaning she could get her dogs fixed, vaccinated, and microchipped for free!

One of her dogs, Max, was too old to be fixed at Spay Neuter Network so he was referred to Dallas Pets Alive! PASS program for assistance. Max is scheduled for an appointment on March 14. Adriana is thrilled that she is able to keep her dogs!