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Surgery Services for Cats

We are a nonprofit spay and neuter clinic with a mission to ensure every pet owner has access to spay/neuter services and preventive care for their pets. Spay Neuter Networks clinics are staffed by licensed, trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians, but we are not full-service veterinary providers. *Sorry but we do not perform surgery on animals less than 10 weeks or animals more than 7 years old due to increased risk of complications. Owners with Brachycephalic (flat-faced) cats should call before making an appointment. Prices are subject to change.

Spay & NeuterFemaleMale
Feline Spay & Neuter$65$55
Cone Collar $5-
Additional Services/Fees
In Heat$15
Cryptorchid (Flank)$20
Umbilical HerniaPrice will vary
Transport fee (if used)$5 per pet
Pre-surgery Exam fee (if declined for medical reasons)$40

Vaccination Services for Cats

Spay Neuter Network offers affordable vaccines and wellness services with or without spay/neuter surgery at its clinics and mobile clinics. Vaccines are done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Appointments are only taken with surgery. Click here for a list of locations and vaccine clinic hours. Not sure what your pet needs? Click here for our Vaccination Guide. We can not dispense prescription medicines for an animal we have not seen in the last year.

Vaccination Services

Rabies Only$11
FVRCP + Rabies$26
FeLV (Leukemia)$15
*FVRCP is a combo vaccine for respiratory diseases Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, and Pink Eye (Chlamydia).

Vacination Packages

Cat Vaccination Package 1
Rabies, FVRCP and FeLV$40

Cat Vaccination Package 2
Rabies, FVRCP, FeLV and Combo FIV/FeLV test (Recommended if your cat goes outside) $62

Kitten Packages
1st Round Kitten
(6-9 weeks old)
FVRCP and dewormer$31
2nd Round Kitten
(9-11 weeks old)
FVRCP booster, FELV and dewormer$45
3rd Round Kitten
(3 months old)
Rabies, FVRCP booster, FELV booster, dewormer and microchip$70

Laboratory Tests for Cats

Laboratory Tests

Preventions for Cats

under 6 months$12
over 6 months$12 per tablet (weight dependent)
Flea/Tick prevention
Bvcto+ Flea, Tick & Heartworm Chews$65.00 three month
Bvcto Flea Tick Chews$65.00 three month
Topical$15.00 one month

Additional Services for Cats

Other ServicesWith surgeryWithout surgery
Nail Trim$10$10

Prices are subject to change.