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Surgery Services for Cats

Spay & NeuterFemaleMale
Feline Spay & Neuter$47$35
Additional ServicesFemaleMale
In Heat$10-
Cryptorchid (Flank)-$15
Umbilical Hernia$20

Vaccination Services for Cats

Vaccination Package 1 
Rabies, FVRCCP and FeLV$35
Vaccination Package 2 
Rabies, FVRCCP, FeLV and Combo FIV/FeLV test (Recommended if your cat goes outside) $55
VaccinationsWith SurgeryWithout Surgery
Rabies Only$10.00$10
FVRCCP + Rabies$25$25
FeLV (Leukemia)$11$13
*FVRCCP is a combo vaccine for respiratory diseases Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, and Pink Eye (Chlamydia).

Laboratory Tests for Cats

Laboratory TestsWith SurgeryWithout Surgery
Fecal test for intestinal parasites$10$15

Preventions for Cats

under 4 months$11
over 4 months$9.90 per tablet (weight dependent)
Flea/Tick prevention 
Activyl$13 one month
Comfortis$14.75 - $15.75 (weight dependent) one month
Bravecto$45.00 two month

Additional Services for Cats

Other ServicesWith surgeryWithout surgery
Nail Trim$5.50-

Prices are subject to change.