Milo’s owners called 311 and said they couldn’t afford to care for their dog anymore. We offered support with free vaccinations and spay/neuter, but they felt their only choice was to surrender this adorable dog to the city shelter. But that would put him at risk of euthanasia if a home could not be found in time.

Through our Pet Support & Resource Center, we strive to find alternative pathways for pets so they can bypass the city shelter entirely. We asked Milo’s family if they could hold onto him for a few more days, so we could transition him into foster care instead. They agreed. One of our partners, Dallas Pets Alive (DPA), quickly located a foster mom for Milo who could take care of him while we vaccinated and neutered him and readied him for adoption. Milo received a flurry of adoption applications, so it didn’t take long for him to find a new home. He now shares his life with a loving family who takes him for car rides (which he loves, they say) and an older dog named Sasha who loves to play tug-of-war.

These are the happily-ever-after stories we hope to create for pets every day.

Our Pet Support & Resource Center is an award-winning partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas Animal Services to provide alternatives to surrendering a pet to the city shelter. Through this program, Spay Neuter Network provides services and resources to keep pets in their homes; helps pet owners rehome their pets on their own if needed; or routes pets to our local rescue partners for quicker adoptions.