Six months ago, Shereike found Chanel, a one-year-old Pitbull Terrier mix, homeless on the streets. She didn’t think twice about giving this adorable dog a good home. But as a medium, female dog, Chanel’s spay surgery and vaccinations would cost more than $400 at a vet clinic – way out of reach for Shereike.

Shereike wanted the best for Chanel. Sadly, she thought that meant surrendering Chanel to the city shelter so someone else could take care of her. Fortunately, through our partnership with the City of Dallas 311 and Dallas Animal Services, Shereike was rerouted to our Pet Support and Resource Center, which provides resources to keep pets and their families together. We gave Shereike a voucher to get Chanel fixed and vaccinated at one of our clinics. Rather than face an unknown future at an animal shelter, Chanel can now remain with the family who loves her.

In addition to ensuring Chanel didn’t have puppies, Shereike says there were a few added benefits she wasn’t anticipating: “She listens better and is learning obedience commands,” she says. “She has calmed down since the surgery.”

Since January, we’ve handled more than 5,100 animal cases from people needing to surrender their pets and kept more than 600 of those dogs and cats, like Chanel, either in their homes or on a new path for re-homing, bypassing the city shelter entirely!

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