Eleanor’s owners called 311 to schedule an appointment to surrender their recently adopted dog back to the city shelter. They said Eleanor was being destructive in the home, and they didn’t know what to do about it. Our Pet Support & Resource Center staff assured them we could find help for Eleanor so they could keep their newly adopted dog. They were eager to try anything.

So, we referred them to Dallas Pets Alive and their PASS (Positive Alternatives to Shelter Surrender) program. Through them, they received free training resources and a virtual consultation with a trainer to help guide Eleanor on how to be a good canine. As a result, Eleanor’s owners are no longer thinking of giving her up. They say she loves training and seems to have loads of potential.

These are the happily-ever-after stories we hope to create for pets every day.

Our Pet Support & Resource Center is an award-winning partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas Animal Services to provide alternatives to surrendering a pet to the city shelter. Through this program, Spay Neuter Network provides services and resources to keep pets in their homes; helps pet owners rehome their pets on their own if needed; or routes pets to our local rescue partners for quicker adoptions.