Gary found Hanna in a parking lot when she was just three months old. He remembers her crying and being very thin. He knew he had to help her. So, he took Hanna into his home, and started saving to get Hanna fixed, vaccinated and microchipped, which he thought would be about $200. On the day he brought her to our clinic, we noticed he was a little nervous about getting her spayed. Later that afternoon, when he saw that Hanna had come through the surgery just fine and that it would only cost $45, thanks to a grant that helped people in his neighborhood, he was in tears and hugging all the staff.

“Thank you for taking care of my Hanna and all the animals that live in my lower-income community,” he said. “I live off social security, so I feel like I won the lottery today with this low-cost service.”

On the way home, Gary bought Hanna a new toy with the money he saved. She must feel like she won the lottery too.

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