Happy Tails: Affordable surgery option helped Blackie get neutered

Ms. McFather found a 1-month-old little black kitten on her front porch after a momma cat dropped him off and disappeared. Ms. McFather didn’t want the little kitten to die, so she took him into her home and gave him a new life and a name, Blackie.

Now that Blackie is 8 months old, Ms. McFather knew she needed to get him neutered. Ms. McFather is on a limited income and, after calling several full-service vets, was very depressed about getting Blackie neutered. After hearing of her struggles to find a more affordable vet option, a friend suggested Spay Neuter Network. Ms. McFather made an appointment to get Blackie neutered. Ms. McFather said, “I am so glad that SNN is here to offer low-cost neuters because people like me, on a very limited income, need someone like SNN to help us take care of our pets.”

Ms. McFather brought Blackie to our Crandall clinic to get neutered. He also received a free FVRCP vaccine. After Blackie’s surgery, Ms. McFather said, “Blackie is doing great because the staff cares and took good care of him.”