Happy Tails: Share the love to help pets like Maya

There is nothing better than spending Valentine’s Day with someone you love, especially if that love is with a pet. Being able to help families care for the pets they love allows us to continue our mission to keep pets, like Maya, in a loving home.

Georgina, who’s currently unemployed, found herself in a difficult situation when she needed to have her one-year-old cat Maya spayed and lacked the funds to pay for surgery. A friend suggested she reach out to Spay Neuter Network to see if we could help. We gave Georgina a voucher to get Maya spayed and vaccinated at no cost. She was ecstatic that we were able to help. “I am super grateful for the services that you guys are able to provide. Thank you immensely for all the assistance you have provided. I am sincerely grateful for all the support you offer and for enabling me to care for my beloved pet.”

Share the love this Valentine’s Day by supporting our vision to create compassionate communities free of homeless pets. Becoming a member of The Fix is the easiest and most efficient way to help us make an impact on communities that need us the most.

Join The Fix! Get access to internal communications, free tickets to events (like Lone Star Bark), have coffee with Jordan (SNN Executive Director) and the best benefit is knowing that you are helping create communities free of unwanted pets. Becoming a member of The Fix is easy. Sign up below to be a monthly donor and you’re in!