Spay Neuter Network was contacted on Sunday, August 27th by the Texas Animal Health Commission and asked to deploy to Corpus Christi the following day to assist in the treatment of injured animals in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. However, late Sunday evening we received a call from TAHC asking us to stand by as they were not yet able to determine a safe passage to the area for our Hope Mobile.

The Hope Mobile, a mobile surgical hospital bus capable of holding up to 50 animals, is ideal for triage, treatment and surgery for injured and ill animals in disaster situations. As the only group in North Texas with a bus of this kind, we are uniquely able to assist animals right where disaster strikes, such as when we joined first responders to provide medical care to animals impacted by the deadly Canton, TX tornado.

Spay Neuter Network is still on stand by and expects to deploy to be of assistance in some manner in the gulf region in the upcoming weeks. We are eager to be of assistance, however, we believe it is critical that we wait for an official assignment in the midst of the chaos following the storm to ensure we do not inhibit efforts. We will continue to post updates on our efforts to assist with Hurricane Harvey on our Facebook page and here on our website as status and needs related to the disaster change by the hour.

Thanks to the support of animal lovers like you, we are always ready to jump into action and travel to areas where the animals need us most. Thank you for supporting Spay Neuter Network’s lifesaving programs, including our disaster response efforts.