This month we are starting a new collaboration with Dallas Animal Services “CARE Team”. The CARE Team is a group of Animal Control Officers who walk the streets of Dallas in different targeted areas. Those areas are decided by the number of intake calls to the 311 calling center.

This month the CARE Team is targeting the Pleasant Grove area.

Every Thursday, starting November 10th, the CARE Team will be providing SNN a list of residents interested in getting sterilizations for their pets. Surgeries will be scheduled for the following Tuesday, starting November 15th.

The CARE Team has the capacity to transport up to 9 animals at the time. If this number is exceeded, SNN will provide transportation from the designated targeted area to the Crandall clinic.

Who will be scheduling surgeries?
CARE Team and SNN will be walking the 75227 and 75217 zip codes offering spay and neuter services only to those who qualify for free services under Big Fix. While walking, we’ll gather information and signed up information of people and animals for SNN to schedule an appointment. The list will be submitted by me to you or a designated SNN Staff to be enter in our system and schedule the appointment for the following Monday.

Who is paying for the surgeries?
CARE Team and SNN will NOT promote this program to people who don’t live in the Big Fix zip codes. We will instruct people to call the office to schedule in case we find someone out of the targeted area.

What if there are more than 9 pets? How do we get them to the clinic?
Either the CARE team Jay or the new Community Outreach Coordinator will be transporting in cases were more than 9 animals are scheduled for surgery.

Companion Animal Resource Effort