Margaret couldn’t handle her 2-year-old cat, Luna, getting pregnant anymore. Just when she would get one litter of kittens homed and out the door, Luna was giving birth to another litter who would require eight more weeks of Margaret’s time. While Margaret knew she needed to get Luna fixed, she didn’t have the money to do so. Sadly, like many other lower-income pet owners, she thought her only choice was to surrender Luna to the city shelter.

Through our Pet Support & Resource Center, we look for alternative pathways to keeping dogs and cats out of the city shelter and with their families. We spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped Luna – all for free, thanks to donations and generous grant funding for this project. These simple services kept Luna from being separated from the only family she had ever known. And, she won’t be contributing to the pet overpopulation problem anymore.

These are the happily-ever-after stories we hope to create for pets every day.

Our Pet Support & Resource Center is an award-winning partnership with the City of Dallas and Dallas Animal Services to provide alternatives to surrendering a pet to the city shelter. Through this program, Spay Neuter Network provides services and resources to keep pets in their homes; helps pet owners rehome their pets on their own if needed; or routes pets to our local rescue partners for quicker adoptions.