Even though Sheila was feeling stressed by the most recent challenges in her life, she took in Pebbles, a two-month-old chihuahua, from her son’s friend. Pebbles needed a home, and Sheila said she needed a friend to comfort her during this difficult time. But Sheila confessed she hadn’t had a dog since she was 23 years old and was unsure what Pebbles needed to stay healthy. Sheila brought Pebbles to the free vaccine clinic we hosted at the Bridge Recovery Center, a collaborative program that helps people experiencing homelessness and other financial challenges get back on their feet with housing, jobs, and skills training. We gave Pebbles flea and tick preventatives and the appropriate vaccinations for an eight-week-old puppy. We also shared information with Sheila on what other puppy vaccinations Pebbles would still need this year, and that 12 weeks was the right age to get her fixed. Our Pet Assistance Program for People Experiencing Homelessness ensures dogs and cats receive the best of care regardless of their owner’s financial challenges.

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