Jeremy has had Missy for over 8 years. He brought Missy in today during Wellness to get her yearly vaccines. He wasn’t sure what vaccines she needed, but knew she needed them. He wanted to get her heartworm tested and on prevention but couldn’t quite meet the cost. We decided to use our Act Of Kindness to try and help him out. He was very much appreciative and Missy didn’t mind either. Missy is a very happy and joyful dog. Jeremy cares for her and wants her happy and healthy.

Spay Neuter Network has created an Act of Kindness Fund to add additional support to the communities we serve. Every month, the staff at each of our clinics has the opportunity to give free services to a family needing a bit of help. This can be surgery, vaccinations, or medication they need for their pet but can’t afford.

Will you donate to support the next pet in need?