According to Alicia Parlapiano’s New York Times article, pet euthanasia rates have dropped 75% across the country.  Some of the biggest success is right here at our very own Dallas Animal Services (70%) and it is all due to spay/neuter and adoption. Let that sink in.

All the work, the fundraising, the education. It is REALLY paying off.  So, congratulations to our friends and partners at Dallas Animal Services. THANK YOU to the community for getting your pets fixed and adopting shelter pets.

So, what does it take to be the leading city in the nation with the biggest drop in pet euthanasia over the last 10 years? It takes a lot of work at the shelter and a lot of support from nonprofits.

Spay Neuter Network…

  • Works WITH shelters. They need all of our support.
  • Forms amazing partnerships, like we have with our friends at Dallas Animal Services, and helps ensure all pets returned home or adopted are spayed or neutered.
  • Receives support from local foundations for help with our projects.
  • Sterilizes tens of thousands of pets for free
  • Provides hundreds of low-cost and free vaccine clinics to help pets and educate the public
  • Microchips tens of thousands of dogs and cats to ensure they make it home again if lost…
  • Walks door-to-door educating pet owners and making surgery appointments — 100,000 doors knocked so far!
  • Reaches millions of people through social media impressions and direct mail
  • Visits classrooms to teach humane education, ensuring the next generation are responsible pet owners
  • and delivers more hours of dedicated service to end pet overpopulation than ever before


The work has been vast but, for just a moment, lift your head and take a look at what we have achieved together.  We have made a difference, so smile, and know that someday we will get this problem fixed. For good.

Spay Neuter Network