Martha needed to get her dog, Rocky, neutered. But she could not find an affordable veterinary clinic near where she lived. That’s because Martha lives in a veterinary desert – a part of town where there is no access to veterinary care for many miles. These deserts exist because veterinary clinics typically located in more affluent areas of town, where people have more disposable income to care for their pets. These practices leave low-income communities without affordable pet care near where they live.

That’s where Spay Neuter Network helps. We operate most of our clinics in veterinary deserts and offer transport services for spay/neuter surgeries to and from our clinics if pet owners have transportation issues that might prevent them from getting to our clinic. The goal is to provide every pet equal access to basic pet care, which includes spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchips, and preventatives for flea, tick and heartworm.

When Martha’s husband discovered it would only cost $85 to get their 11.5-lb. dog, Rocky, neutered, rabies vaccinated, and microchipped, he told his wife to make the appointment “right away.”

Post-surgery, Martha told our staff, “I am 100% grateful for your services today, and for fixing the pets in our community. I will help spread the word in my neighborhood, so other pet owners can find these services for their pets too.”

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