While on Facebook, Amber stumbled upon a “rehoming pets” page where she found a beautiful, 2-year-old dog named Roxy Bañuelos that immediately stole her heart.

According to Amber, Roxy Bañuelos’s owner could no longer care for her dog and had an appointment to surrender her to the city shelter. Roxy Bañuelos’ current family, however, hoped to rehome her rather than keep that appointment. Amber and her boyfriend were ecstatic they could make Roxy Bañuelos part of their family that day.

Roxy Bañuelos went into heat that first week in her new home. So, Amber scheduled her spay/neuter surgery appointment with our San Antonio clinic a few weeks out. Amber got Roxy Bañuelos fixed, vaccinated, and on heartworm preventative within a month of bringing her home.

“I truly want to say thank you for making me feel comfortable leaving her in safe hands. I was very nervous about her surgery, but everyone was so friendly and nice. She made a great recovery and is as happy as can be. She’s definitely a goofball.”

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