North Texas Giving Day is Thursday, Sept. 22nd from 6 a.m. to midnight.

We will be broadcasting live on Facebook throughout the day and as soon as we hit $5,000 in contributions, Exec. Dir. Deanna Sauceda will put on this dog suit and it will stay on another day for every $1,000 dollars raised after that! Go to

This is the best time of year to donate to Spay Neuter Network because your dollars go further. Spay Neuter Network is dedicated to saving dogs and cats lives through spay/neuter efforts and preventing pet overpopulation. By donating $125 you are paying for one surgery. $1000 pays for an entire feral cat colony of 20 cats to be fixed. $3500 makes sure our HopeMobile mobile hospital can provide 40 surgeries and rabies shots to a community that has no affordable veterinary care. Spaying and neutering pets not only saves lives, it helps improve the safety of our communities.