Spay Neuter Network is doubling down on its ongoing efforts to “fix” hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats by expanding its multi-dimensional S.A.V.E. Dallas program. The initiative, which stands for Spay, Advocate, Vaccinate and Educate, had its beginnings in June 2013 when Spay Neuter Network made a major commitment to servicing families and their pets in Dallas by purchasing the first ever Mobile Animal Surgical Hospital “MASH” bus to visit neighborhoods in South Dallas ten times per month, performing up to forty-five spay/ neuter surgeries per visit. Thanks to generous donations, these services have been mostly free to those who could not afford SNN’s regular low-cost procedures.

“In three years, Spay Neuter Network has served almost 50,000 pets and their families in targeted Dallas neighborhoods, “says Spay Neuter Network Founder Bonnie Hill. “The ambitious 2017 goal of 46,000 spay and neuter surgeries adopted by the City of Dallas for South Dallas dogs can be accomplished only if the many humane organizations join together with Spay Neuter Network’s ongoing effort. This will effectively lower the loose dog population in these targeted zip codes through low-cost or even free spay/neuter procedures. We are excited about the partnerships forming to stop dog pet overpopulation in South Dallas,” Hill concluded.

To donate toward the S.A.V.E. Dallas program, please click here. Every surgery costs $80 to $100 and Spay Neuter Network currently offers them for FREE in 3 Dallas zip codes and at greatly reduced cost for all others.