Teddy was suffering from respiratory issues, a runny nose and severe congestion, so Ellen brought him to our Fort Worth clinic to take advantage of the Community Pet Care program. The program includes expanded wellness services to help with common ear issues, eye issues, skin issues and upper respiratory infections for only $40 thanks to PetSmart Charities. We were able to prescribe Teddy antibiotics and topical eye ointment. Also, now that we are a distribution partner with Don’t Forget to Feed Me, we were able to provide Ellen with bags of cat food to take home.

Teddy is from one of the many cat litters taken care of by Ellen. Luckily, she lives in one of our free ZIP Codes where spay and neuter, core vaccinations and microchips are funded by the Saving Hope Foundation. She was overjoyed about getting Teddy taken care of and so happy her other cats could be helped as well. She even paid it forward with a donation so that other pets like Teddy can get the care they need too.

Will you donate to support the next pet in need?