Sue Porter, pictured here with Taterbug and Sally Mae, gave us a generous generous donation that allowed us to purchase a new refrigerator for our vaccines. Donations like these allow us to put more money toward our mission, not overhead expenses.

Taterbug and Sally Mae

A note from Ms Porter:

I had just lost my little Morkie and was heart broken. I have always spayed/neutered my pets as soon as I get them or when they are old enough. I hate to see animals put down or mistreated. Our animals are like part of our family. We just adopted 2 Yorkies who are 5 and 7 years old. I decided on 2 so if I lose one, I am not so crushed. The problem is, it is very expensive to adopt a dog (I paid $325 per dog) and a lot of people can not afford to pay even the shelter fees which includes spay/neutering. I have a friend who posted your need for a refrigerator and felt like it was something that I could do so that you could continue your work. Your fees are more reasonable so that most people can afford them. Now if I could just find someone who house breaks dogs for a cheap fee. My 2 are from breeders and are just now figuring out how to be loved dogs.


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