When Grace called 311 to surrender her one-year-old cat, Coco, because he was spraying all over the house, she reached our Pet Support and Resource Center. We told her Coco may be spraying because he had reached sexual maturity and was not fixed. He was just marking his territory as any unfixed male cat might do.

So, we offered Grace a voucher to get Coco neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped at one of our clinics. “Since then, he has been good and sleeping better at night,” says Grace. “He has stopped crying and is now more relaxed.”

We’re happy to have solved her problem and helped Coco remain with his family.

Our Pet Support and Resource Center has kept 502 pets out of the shelter in 2023. Your donation on North Texas Giving Day will help us keep more pets like Coco at home with their families.

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