Thanks to the CARE/DAS efforts by walking the streets, last weekend, we signed up Lilly and Cookie for surgery.  I went to pick up Lilly and Cookie early yesterday morning and met their owner, Eric. I noticed he was very caring and loving to his dogs and he was excited about getting them spayed. When I went to drop off Lilly and Cookie, he was happy to have his girls back. He told me that Lilly and Cookie lost their mom (Eric’s sister) a couple of weeks ago. The CARE officer talked to him about the benefits of spaying his dogs, one of them being extending the life of his dogs. When he found this out, he decided to get Lilly and Cookie fixed to honor his sister. He said “I cannot have my sister back, but I can extend the life of these girls.” I just wanted to share this because it touched my heart. See, every pet and every customer we help has a story. Every smile and every word touches peoples’ and pets’ lives.

Jay Acosta

Director of Community Outreach