Before Surgery

If your pet is younger than four months old, please give them half their normal amount of food on the morning before surgery. If your pet is older than four months, do not feed him or her any food after 10:00 pm the night before surgery. Do not take water away from your pet; make sure he has access to clean, fresh water at all times. We do require proof of a current rabies vaccination. If your pet has already been vaccinated against rabies, bring the original, signed rabies certificate to the clinic with you. A rabies tag is not acceptable proof of vaccination. If you do not have proof of a rabies vaccination, we will vaccinate your pet at the cost of a regularly priced Rabies vaccine. You are welcome to bring any other medical records with you to help us determine your pet’s other vaccination needs, but it’s not a requirement. Don’t forget to confirm the location of the clinic so that you will know how to get there. You can see all vaccine costs on our Vaccination Services page.

Please write down the time that is given to you when you schedule your appointment.  We will call you 48 working hours in advance to remind you.

CATS must each be in a separate secure hard carrier. If you have a dog, be sure he is on a secure leash that he cannot slip out of.  If you drive a pick-up truck, please note that we are not allowed to release a pet that is not put inside the cab or into a secured crate in the back. This is for your pet’s safety and the safety of other drivers as your pet is very likely to be disoriented after surgery.