Did you know that on average, a reproducing female cat or dog gives birth to 12 babies a year? Imagine how many unaltered pets we have in North Texas and you’ll quickly realize why fixing our community’s pets is the best way to end pet overpopulation and euthanasia!

For every animal we spay, we save the lives of up to 20 animals EACH YEAR and up to 100 in their lifetime! Spaying truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

This holiday season, you can Sponsor a Spay for only $20! Your sponsorship will pay $20 towards a low-income pet’s surgery, ensuring they can receive the medical care they deserve and helping to prevent 12 pets from being born “accidentally” in 2018!

For every surgery you sponsor, you’ll receive a thank you card with information about the pet whose life you’ve transformed, complete with a personal thank you from their owner!

This December, help us prevent more than 2,400 pets from being born into homelessness in 2018 by helping us meet our 200 pet sponsorship goal! We’re more than half way there – help us reach our goal by 12/15/2017!